About Us


About Us

Grodsky & Olecki LLP is a boutique business litigation law firm based in Santa Monica, California. We represent clients not only throughout California, but wherever our clients’ needs require. Through careful growth and thoughtful management, we’ve built a law practice that has earned a reputation for excellence – a tribute to our attorneys’ practicality, creativity, dedication, determination, and experience. Our most meaningful tributes, however, are the continued loyalty of, and recommendations by, our clients.

Our clients range from Fortune 500 enterprises and large regional companies to family-owned businesses and individual professionals. They include manufacturers and distributors, service providers, inventors, investors, and entrepreneurs, internet and media companies, and doctors, lawyers and architects. We represent a wide variety of key players in the entertainment industry, including production companies, composers, screenwriters, authors, actors, musicians, and photographers.

To learn more about our experience, visit our Practice Areas. To learn more about the individuals who make up Grodsky & Olecki, please visit our Attorneys.

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